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8 inch lift for 1991 - 1994 explorer


August 8, 2004
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Forest Grove, Oregon
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91 XLT
Skyjacker makes a 8" lift for 90's rangers will it fit my 91 explorer?
Cause after you do an axle flip in the back ill add blocks to make it level with the front. The biggest lift for an explorer is superlift 5.5 "I WANT BIGGER". Will it be to top heavy? Has anyone done it??? On my explorer I'm running 33's on a 3 inch body lift with a little tire rub. I'm thinkin I wanna run 38's...
Any info will help thanks, Steve

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That lift will work on your explorer.

I also moved this to the off-road suspension forum.

I dont believe the D35 will live long with 38s. That is why few have 8-inches of lift. Consider a solid axle swap for 38s (D44).

I have seen this lift too and it been tempting....but have'nt done it yet

i got a 93 explorer i payed $200 so i dont want to put any money in to it im a machinest and do you think i could built a monster lift for it and how hard do you think it will be to do? I got every thing i need and i dont have to to pay for anything.

http://www.explorerforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=199718 :D

Yeah it will work, no you won't like how it drives and brakes.

I could have swapped in my 44 for cheaper than what I had to do to make my truck stay running on my old 6" skyjacker lift with 2" coil spacers. That and a 3" body lift would rub 37s. (I didn't have extended RAs though).

If you want to go bing and be non-functional I'd go for a Dana 30 from an XJ