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85' BII Vacuum and TFI issues


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May 31, 2014
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Burien, WA
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85' BII
Just getting an 85 back on the road after about 13 years of almost no use. The two things I cant seem to get worked out are a vacuum leak and it seems to be running threw fuel way faster then it should.
The vacuum leak is noticed when applying the brakes. The BII bogs down a bit and if the brakes are pumped it'll die. I have replaced the booster with a brand new one and no change, still bogs and dies. I have sprayed around hoses trying to detect the leak with no luck, any advice please!
I understand that there are a lot of factors leading to a vehicles gas consumption but I've heard about the tfi system and the problems it could cause .. I need help here to.. dont even know where to start with the tfi.
Any advise on cheap fixes is welcomed! someone to come out and visit my bronco to diagnose any problems would be a great help!