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86 ranger needs help 911!!!

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April 4, 2006
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Highland, Md
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92 XLT
goin down the roadthe other day..its obvious theres something rong..stop at autozone kuz its onthe way and pick up some stop-squeal..go back to the house withit..gunna put it on..notice its not so much squealing as it is a pulley on the serpentine belt is melting fromthe inner diameter..i believe its the idler pulley.. i hav a 2.3L inline 4cyl with no A/C or anything on it. its the only pulley on the track thats plastic..all rest are metal..i measured it..same size as the one on my buddies mustang..and called autozone..part is 22 bux..is this something i could do myself or should? did this hav the rong torque on it, and caused it to swqueeze it down or the belt the rong size?..im worried about tnesion and torque on the new pulley once i get it if i order it and do it myself..i am mechanically inclined..and my friends are even more and hav a garage..so i think we could definately do it..does anybody know anything about this? or hav a good route to go about it?


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