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May 3, 2021
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Egg Harbor, NJ
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1988 Bronco II EB 4x4
Ok so I have no revers lights in my Bronco II - A4LD trans and 4x4. I first replaced the NSS thnking that was the issue - still no lights. Also its starting in all gear positions now. Will get to that later....

As far as the light issue goes - I Tested Purple/Orange wire in harness and have 12v+ when key is on and when engine running. Jumped that wire to Black/Pink for backup lights, no lights.

Went to wires near gas tank at rear wheel well, spliced back and hooked jumper to 12v source, lights came on.

Next came up to engine compartment. Found harness for body lights. Unhooked the plug, ran 12v to black/pink and to ground - lights come on. Then tried just 12v to the wire, lights came on proving ground is good.

Also tested after this plug and found lights came on. I also just ran a “power only” source to that blk/pink wire and the lights came on, that again confirms the grounds are ok.

So all I can come up with so far is that when the NSS is in reverse, no power is coming through from the switch up to where ever it travels into the cab and then out to the body harness.

I have no idea where the black/pink wire runs to inside the truck. I do not want to start cutting harness apart for no reason and possibly effecting other things. Does anyone have a real manual that shows where it runs. Haynes manual is too vague and not correct here.

Also - my truck still starts in all gears with new NSS. That has me baffled too. I can not see any cuts in wires or splices in the harness from the NSS up behind the firewall to the starter solenoid. This is an NOS Ford switch. Is there some sort of adjustment procedure on these screw in NSS?