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89 ranger A4LD problem


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September 11, 2009
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Bedford Indiana
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94 XLT 4x4
My friend bought this 89 ranger about a month ago and I am helping fix his problems now and can use your guys help.

He has the same A4LD transmission as I have in my explorer, 4.0 V6. Just turned over 100,xxx miles.

He is short on cash and I figure it would be best if we fixed this issue without involving a shop and $55 an hour labor charges.

His OD is gone, OD is drive, and drive is 2nd. Is this a linkage problem or something else?

He is getting 10MPG and needs help, But he is currently driving his 89 4cyl A4LD ranger because of the bad mileage in his other ranger.

There are some other issues with the white V6 ranger but those seem to be engine issues and not transmission issues. Shop replaced the fuel pump but the new one was bad.... so they let him take the truck after they put the old "bad fuel pump" back in it. It still seems to be cutting out and missing, Rough idle and so on.

Thanks for the help guys. I'll try to get him to hand me the keys for a test spin so I can get a feel for what his motor is doing. Otherwise it may be hard to explain it.