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90 Ranger, 2.9 Liter, w/ a4ld shift problems


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March 29, 2009
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90 Ford Ranger
Hey All, Been reading about the a4ld all week-end. Great info from yall, especially Glacier 991. My trans is experiencing cold shift problems. Wont upshift into 2nd when I start out in Drive until I manually put er into 2nd. Replaced modulator and played with adjustment all week-end at 3 hour intervals noticing a slight improvement. Still when I put er in drive expecting to hit third it sleeps for about 5 seconds before hitting the 3rd cog. After warm up it works well in both upshift and downshift patterns. Did a flush and fill on it last week with a new filter and noticed no improvement until I put the new modulator in and played with the screw. I now realize that it could be a sticky govenor, Band adjustment, internal leakage, or a VB . Im beliving if my trans was worn out, it would slip even when warm? My questions are: what is a VB, and how do you adjust it. Where is the govenor and can I check and clean this with Trans in vehicle. Thanks to this site Im clear on band adjustment. Appreciate any help, info, or words of advice.The little Rangers only got 80,000 on it and is really clean. Thanks Folks