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91-94 Body Lift ?


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December 18, 2000
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94 XLT
hey, All you guys with 91-94 body lifts. Ive heard that the bumper relocation brackets Suck.

Can you all tell me how you went about modifying your bumper brackets so your bumpers sit straight and line up properly.

I will be putting on a 3 inch body lift soon and would like to have some Ideas in mind when it comes to the bumpers.


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i just made my own brackets....1/4" metal. worked like a charm :D i didnt even bother raising the back bumper tho, becuase it doesnt look bad

i have yet to make some brackets the ones that came with do not fit anywhere, i personally hate the way it looks right now, but will get off of my ass soon and make some. otherwise i havnt been able to find anyone that makes them good luck !

This pic shows my bumpers with the P.A. supplied brackets installed, they weren't totally adjusted, but you can see not too bad, the front needs to come back about an inch though.


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Stop, think!

Another thing you should know with the 3 inch body lift is that your steering is going to bind. Even with the steering extension, the angle is to great. You are going to need a custom steering shaft (not right away if you can deal with the binding, but you will need one because the rubber joints will end up snapping). www.flaming-river.com makes custom steering shafts with ujoints in them to handle any angle. The problem is, they dont have a design for the explorer yet because they need some info from us. I have been looking for another shaft in a junk yard so I can send it to them and let them know what they are working with. They should have the design soon because I am going to get a shaft and thats all there is too it. You are going to be looking at 150 to 300 dollars for one of these though. This is just something to think about before you go off and buy the 3 inch like everyone else did without the right info.

As far as the brackets are concerned, I just put the on the frame where they are supposed to mount up, clamped them there with a pair of vice grips, and then drilled a 1/2 inch hole where it should have been. 1 hour on the back, the front is not on yet. Custom bumper is coming.

looks good i need to get off my ass and make my brackets, i have a P.A. 2 inch BL and my steering shaft binds a little cant tell really untill im coming out of a turn the steering wheel should straigten itself out but sometimes on my x it needs a little help its got a loose feeling that i dont particularly like i think i would be interested in buying a new steering shaft so if you ever get these guys to make em please post it thanks