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91-97 eddies please help


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October 18, 2001
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1996 xlt
91-97 eddies please help, or anyone else

alright, as i further the conversion of my x into the explorer svt i would like to convert the front and rear plastic bumper moldings to eddie trim. now this would be really easy, but i don't want the fender flares. so i've been trying to figure out how to piece it together. Please let me know what kind of finish your truck has so i know what years part to order.

so heres what i think i know-
1. on the rear bumper the upper, and lower (around the trailer hitch) pieces could come from a 95-97 eddie. and these WILL have the pebbly finish on them correct?

2. on the sides of the car, (the part under the gas cap, which is covered by the start of the fender flares on the 95 and up eddies, but not on the older ones) could come from a pre 95 eddie and this too will have the pebbly finish correct?
Its important that i am able to color and fit and finish match this to the later model rear pieces so i really need to know about the finish and make sure it is the same pebbly stuff.

3. on the front of the car i only need the upper part (not the fog light surround). This could come from any 95-97 eddie bauer correct? i've seen a few of them that don't have the pebbly finish on the front, it is smooth. Is that the way all of them are? Does anyone have a pebbly front piece?

finally, i'll post a pic of my truck and hopefully that will help to clarify just which pieces i am talking about (that way it will be easy to just look at where i have the grey crap). also on the newer eddies the flares and front piece seem to be the smooth plastic, while the rear is the pebbly stuff- does this annoy those of you who have it. or do the two surfaces look pretty good together.

hey, thanks alot for reading through all of that and trying to make some sense of it. I'll really appreciate any help that i get.

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Here're some of your answers...

1. The bumper trim pieces are just like the XLT versions...which are plastic, not painted, with the rough surface.

2. The plastic trim piece under the gas door is connected to the fender flare, it's one piece kinda thing. I think you can cut it off but I think it'd look very very tacky. It's painted so it's a smooth surface.

3. Yes, the upper bumper surface is smooth so you can sand it down and paint it if you want.

If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to ask.

hey thanks for responding, i know its kind of a strange set of questions.

first of all i know that the piece is connected to the running board. but it isn't on the older pre 95 eddies and the molding appears to be exactly the same on those and should fit on mine (i just looked at one in my parking lot). so i think i can use the ones off the 1st gen to solve the problem of cutting the fender flares.

second, are you saying that the part on top of your front bumper is smooth, while the parts on the rear bumper are bumpy. --- that is what i thought and i'm just making sure.

also, just to clarify, i won't be painting this stuff. mine is just a little scuffed and faded and i think switching to the eddie will really throw people off and look nice. its just the next step in my mind toward the vehicle i think ford should have built.

hey also heres the pic i promised up above.


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i just need some one to tell me that the front bumper piece is or is not available in the pebbly finish. and someone to tell me if the piece off the 1st generation will fit and if it will match the pebbly rear piece for the 2nd gen. rear bumper. there's got to be someone who owns one of htese and can tell me. thanks, drew

Hmmm...I don't know about the first one but the top of front bumper has a smooth surface. I wish you luck finding the stuff. Don't forget to put up pics when you're done.

where can i buy this stuff? other than the dealership. i've been going crazy looking around at junkyards here in phoenix 'cause every truck is all faded. i think i found the side parts from the 1st gen. eddie from mike91 (he's parting one out here, but i don't know how good they will look).

anyways, the point is i am convinced i want this stuff and i WILL pay the dealer 350 for it if i have to (thats what they quoted me) but i'm love to save some, where else might i look for these at a lower rate. i've already tried ford parts network and a variety of web searches.

somebody make a suggestion, or maybe someone could get a premium for picking them up at a junkyard somewhere with a little less sun and mailing them to me... help me drew

one more thing, i worked it all out fitment wise and stuff. i need the front and rear parts from a 95-97 eddie and the side parts from a first generation. so all my questions have been answered other than where to get them from.