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91 ex popping, jerking, high idle...


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January 14, 2004
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91 sport
For a week or two now my 91 explorer has been acting up, when I put it in park, the rpm's go up to about 1100, and now when I accelerate there is a weird popping coming from the engine and out the exhaust. It is like popcorn popping, but more electrical sounding, not a loud pop, but more "electrical" sounding. Sorry, it is hard to explain the tone. It jerks a little and sort of hesitates. Just yesterday, my O.D. started not shifting into gear. It use to go right into gear at at 46-47 mph, and go down to 1500 rpm's, but not now. I dont think its the tranny, the fluid is fine, and has been changed fairly recently, and there is no problems shifting or anything while driving. I did some searching and found that most likely it could be plugs or wires.

Could bad plugs/wires cause the OD problem???

There is only 10,000 miles on the brand new plugs and wires put in just about a year and a half ago. I cleaned the MAF, TPS, AIC, and checked the PCV valve and my air filter is perfect. Also the O2 sensor was replaced within the year, and there has never been a CEL. Besides this, everything has always run smooth. Anyone else experience anything like this??? Thanks in advance guys.

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