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91' Exploder Build


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May 13, 2014
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91' Exploder & a 86' B2
Howdy Xforum members,
I'm DirtyBoy and ive got PLANS!!!! Well, dont we all... But anyways my torque converter went out on me and im puttin a 92 X tranny in this weekend my girl has 2in bodylift & 2 inch spacers with homemade shackles and she'll flex her 33's just fine with a little bit of rub and some body bang. I use her as a DD for now and the donor of the tranny is puttin its runnin gear under my 86 B2 and i havent decided what one too DD yet im 18 so i have alot of deciding to do real quick anyways ill post pics as i can here she is how i got er..


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Did your trans die from running 33's on stock gears?

Did your trans die from running 33's on stock gears?

Probably.. noticed a slow fluid leak from the tran that got ALOT bigger after i ran it a little longer under heavy loads(Brake stands in mud)

Haha, gonna kill the new one too, or what?

Hope not LOL just gonna go easy on her till i can regear low on $ atm so we will see where it gets me.