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91 explorer oil pressure


May 10, 2000
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My 91 explorer v-6 106k oil pressure is running between the N and O of the NORMAL on the oil pressure gauge. Engine runs strong no strange noises. Use Mobil 1 10w30. Is this the right pressure? Also does not seem to move very much whether at idle or cruise. My other vehicle (chevy) oil pressure goes up and down with the RPM.

Mine runs on the 'M' and doesn't move either. I wish Ford had installed real gauges instead of the 'normal' range ones. If I knew of any place that sold real gauges that would fit in their place , I'd get them. I almost went with Auto-meters set, but I really didn't want to hack my dash up. Good luck.

There was a thread a while back that was all about the gauges - and how to have it read more like a gauge instead of an idiot light. I dont have it in front of me but a search should get it. - I found it and brought it to the top look at Fake oil gauge post.

Also check out the singleton site, talk about similar problem and a flush that was done;

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I would put a mechanical pressure gauge on it and see what the pressure really is through out the operating range. I would also pull the little extension piece that feeds the OP sender from the engine and clean it and the sender. On my engine the pick up became clogged but the pressure gauge read normal till the very end, wiped out the top end, bottom end seemed to get enough oil- it was in good shape upon disassembly. Unfortunately to pull the pan and clean the pickup or change the oil pump means removing the engine. (too bad the ohv doesnt have a trick two piece pan like the sohc where we could clean the pan and pickup)

Good luck.

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The oil pressure gauge is for all intents and purposes an idiot light! It will not move until the unfortunate time comes when you have no oil pressure, at which point it will dive to bottom. Just pray you notice in time to stop and shutdown before any damage is done.