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'91 Navajo died last night...


August 22, 2005
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Bethleham, PA
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'91 Navajo
'91 Navajo 5pd, engine & trans have maybe 35k on em. Truck runs/ran great. Must have put 500 miles on it this weekend between PA & the Shore. Last night driving home from the NJ shore was doing about 75 when it sputtered & died for maybe 2-seconds then came back to life. Maybe 10 mins later it did it again. 2 hours later it died crossing into NJ and wouldn't come back to life, had to pull over, it was really late so I had a buddy with a flat bed tow it for me.. It's cranking good, but won't fire and yes it has gas, I checked the fuel pump fuse and it's fine. What should I concentrate on after work today and have time to play with it? The truck has basically been redone in the last year with the exception of the fuel pump. I really appreciate any input to narrow it down since this truck is my daily drive so it's killing me not having it. I had to come into work early so no one saw me getting out of my girls powder blue vw bug.

thanks guy's for any good input on this.


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What do you mean by, "has gas?" Does this mean there is gas in the tank, or have you checked the fuel pressure at the fuel rail to verify that gas is getting to the engine? Do the spark plugs fire?

Sorry, by "has gas" I meant the tank is full, I figured I'd add that before someone posted asking if I checked to see if I ran out of gas. Like I said, it was really late last night by the time I got the truck towed home & was beat from sunburn and didn't have time nor energy to do anything other than check the fuel pump fuse. So I'm looking for things to check tonight or possible scenarios, I can get a good 4-5hrs under the hood tonight, checking for fuel into the fuel filter was on my list for tonight.
I'll add that the engine, trans, clutch, entire suspension, rad & water pump, tires, body/paint, audio sys., brakes sys., starter, alt, battery, battery terminals & all the filters all have about 35k miles or less. Anything else most likely has between 250,000 - 300,000miles.

When you turn the key to the ON position, you should hear the fuel pump run for a second or 2. If you don't hear it, then the pump isn't pumping. Check the fuel pump relay.

Excellant, thanks. I can't find my Haynes book so first stop will be auto zone for a new one.

Turned out to be a bad Fuel pump relay. I wasn't getting any fuel out of the tank to the filter so I just bought the relay and turned out a good guess. $17 at Pep boys..