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91 sending unit


October 9, 2007
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Colorado Springs, CO
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'91 Mazda Navajo
i've no idea how to replace the sending unit on my navajo. i'm assuming it is my problem because my gas guage reads always full. (empty would suggest a float problem.) any pointers from start to finish would be appreciated.

not that I would do this to my truck, but it is an option...


It's really not that hard to drop the tank. Run it close to dry first, gas is heavy. Also ground yourself often to the truck and tank, be aware that static dischargs will cause an explosion!

i have to agree with wood1 .... i would drop the tank instead of cutting holes in your chassie...just me ....i rather not run the chance of sliceing through a plastic gas tank and have to buy another ....the other thread ,not sure but maybe he hada body lift on his and that was not much of a concern.but still i would drop it rather than cutting holes, yes it makes it easier but you got to ask your self ,is it worth it to run the chance of cutting the tank / lines and not to mention if you do not properlly treat the metal after the cut you could have rust problem .mines got 0 rust and want to keep it that way .the tanks really not hard to do ( never done it on a mazda nav tho) but if they arethe same the heat shield is probally the most difficult part ....it's heavy and combersome not to bad tho .

above all remember this .... do not buy a cheap fuel pump/sending unit .....

i bought a bosh unit that comes witha lifetime warranty ( great pump btw ,works flawlesly;)) ,reason for buying a unit that costs $30 bucks more than a cheapo unit .....i bought the cheaper unit first and a week later it started makeing funny noises and then died ( new pump ! ) so with that said i had to buy another ...not to mention dropping the tank twice to do all this !
so buya quality pump that has a good warranty and only do it one time,you'll be glad you did .