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91 to 94 Transmission swap?


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September 6, 2009
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94 EB
Will a transmission from a 91 ex fit in my 94 EB?

found a decent one at the junk yard, just want to make sure before I rip it out.



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It will physically fit. Make sure if you have a 2WD truck, get a 2WD transmission, 4WD truck needs a 4WD transmission.

Are we talking about automatic or manual?

Later model A4LDs had changes to the valve body including going from one solenoid to two. If you are going from a single solenoid trans to a two solenoid trans, you may need to swap the valve bodies or figure something out on that. Not sure if 91 had a single solenoid or not, but there are differences in the valve bodies from year to year.

Yes, auto.

Does the 94 for sure have 2? So I would just have to make sure the 91 does as well?


94 has two solenoids. 92 has two though they are a slightly different design. But should function the same. I put a 94 valve body with solenoids onto a 92 transmission and it worked great.

Year to year changes in the A4LD made it stronger and more reliable, with 94 being the best year in the Explorer. Many of the changes were in the valve body. I cannot speak for later year A4LDs like in Aerostars due to inexperience.

If you're going to the trouble of swapping your transmission, you might want to consider rebuilding the valve body at the same time. It is pretty easy with or even without the how-to guide on this forum. New solenoids, a TransGo or SK shift correction kit, and Sonnax upgrades of your choice will make your new transmission last longer and shift better.

Great, thanks for the info. I think I'll let the 91 pass and try to find a 94 with decent miles.

My trans only goes in reverse so maybe I should at least spend a little on trying to fix it.