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91 vs. 94 Engine


April 4, 2006
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91 XLT
I am in the middle of putting a new engine in my 91. I can get a 91 engine with 60000 miles for $650, or for $50 more, I can get a 94 with 30000 miles. I would like to go for the 94, but want to know if it will go in perfectly without having to make any changes or getting new accessories. Thanks.

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Have you done a search here for this? I've seen some posts that discuss this.

Generally speaking, you should be fine with the 94, with the possible exception of some emissions controls changes. Depending on what is wrong with your old engine, you could just swap over the parts that you need to keep to maintain you current computer, wiring harness, etc.

Hope this helps.


i'm pretty sure the ECU for the 94 will expect a post-cat O2 sensor and an EGR valve.

Even if I had to make some minor mods, I'd get the engine with half as many miles on it, if I was buying :)

Put the 94 block in, and use all of the emissions stuff from the 91, including your upper intake and exhaust manifolds, y pipe, etc and you should be fine.
there is a difference in the harneses so everything electrical will have to be retained from the 91.
keep acessory drive from the 94 though, iirc it has a better tensioner setup

keep acessory drive from the 94 though, iirc it has a better tensioner setup

never dealt with another explorer tensioner, but i love my 94 tensioner. just a 3/8" square hole in the arm, put in a ratchet, pull, slip the belt off. bam. i did my belt alone in less than 10 minutes.