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91 X by black91EB

I have been a member for a few months on here, and just went elite yesterday, this site has saved me 20 bucks at least so I felt it was well worth it. I have a 1991 Eddie Bauer 4x4 that I have done some minor mods to thus far, and I also completed my first "major" modification yesterday in going to a 1354 Manual case. Found it at a U-Pull-It yard for under $100 including the shifter and boot. In addition I had to change the rear diff cover, something about the stock fiberglass cover not standing up well to a log I had to back over. :(
Anyway, I figured I would start a thread showing what I have done, and add as I make progress, and maybe help some people out in how I did something, and get ideas along the way.

Here's what I have now.


Manual case really looks good in my truck:D


Don't know if anyone else has had this problem, but the shifter that was on the TC when I got it would not clear the transmission shifter. I don't know if they used a different shifter for the manual, since the TC came out of a 91 ex with an automatic. BTW, do NOT try to bend the shifter for clearance, it will break, thus the gorrilla welds. (you know, big strong and ugly)



There is the broken diff cover, I have a steel one off an f-series on there now. (good thing about being a parts packrat)
Anyway, thats all I have for now, the next thing will probably be some auxilary lighting front and back.

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slightly better pic


filled her up today, 17.2 mpg all city driving.

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yeah, the 4x4 works great, with the 4.10s and 33's and the granny low in the ZF, low range really crawls. Had to use it a couple times actually.

I am super pleased with the milage. This is truck is actually cheaper to drive than my explorer was, even with the higher cost of diesel. If I have both tanks full, I have a 7-800 mile range. Plus I have the advantage of an 8ft truck bed and being able to tow almost anything I want. The extended cab is nice too, anything I want to keep dry I can throw back there, and its within easy reach.

I plan on adding a toolbox after my next paycheck.

This actually will be very useful in the next few months as I am in the process of moving to the Anniston, AL area for my new job.

I probably should start another thread on this, but this way all my stuff is in one place.

so update. My new home in Anniston is within 2 hours of 3 very nice off road parks. So in short, this means the explorer is going to become a buggy very soon. Still haven't settled with the insurance (They offered me 1200 for it, not happening, worth way more than that) but once that is taken care of life will be good. Going to do it the easy way, find a bigger set of tires and cut anything they touch. Not worried about streetable, since I now have a nice tow rig.

finally got the insurance straightened out, and now I can do whatever with the explorer.

Btw here is what I hit, after the fact.

Here is the truck with the new wheels and tires

so after a couple years break, I'm back at bumper building...


thats my brother's 86 full size bronco, built 351W, w/longtubes and 40 series flows, Zf-5/42, 1356, 9", 3" BL and 35x12.50 Cooper STTs.

grabbed some topless shots today




Since other people have posted pics of vehicles like theirs parking next to them, figured I would join in.