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91 x electrecle problem

January 1, 2012
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1991 ford explorer EB
so i only have back brake lights off and on, same with the blinkers. so i checked the fuse that had those on it and it said it was a 15 amp in the manuel, but the fuse was a 30amp. i later found out that the guy i bought it from had ran another tow package includng a brack controller to the trunk area. so they thought that by putting a new circut of that same fuse, they would need a 30 amp?. also he hooked up a remote start and did a really bad job. by bad job i mean using electrical tape and wire nuts to tie together wires. the thing is, he split the original ciruct for brakes, blinkers and flashers, to another towe packege all the way to the back...... I need help with this. any1 know wht it could be? my car isnt street ready of course cause i have wires all over!