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91' XLT to LIMITED interior change!


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July 2, 2001
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1998 V8 AWD Mounty
:) :) :) :D :D :D

Had a chance to buy some Seats from a 1994 Limited Explorer. THANK YOU FOX! My Factory Leather Bucket Seats had seen Better Days!! The eddie Bauer Seats use preforated leather which sucks after time! (rips and tears)

SO I siezed the opprutunity and bought the Limited Edition seats:
Here are the options that come on the Limited seats:
-8 Way Power Movement Control
-Power Lumbar
-2 Person Driver Memory
-THICK LEATHER (not the thin preforated stuff they use on E.B.'s)
-Embroidered outline (also says LIMITED)
-Extendable leather HEAD RESTS.

Anyway, the 94 limted seats do not match the floorpan of my 91 Explorer, so I had to do a little custom fab work. Note: You can not swap tracks. Note the new floor holes by the yellow arrows in the below picture! The Driver seat has a big computer strapped on to the bottom of it, which memorizes the 2 person settings. I still have not figured out how to get the computer part up and running. It doesn't seem to move w/out the computer hooked up.... (you can't just hook up the 12v motor power only) The seat is currently stuck in the previous owner's settings. Unfortunate for me, because She was obviuosly small, and had the seat pulled up to the steering wheel. (I am 6ft-4in) Here are the pics!


my old worn and torn seats

ready to go in

all the wires and computer plugs for the driver side

yellow indicates news holes to adapt to my floorpan

looking good in my X, I also changed to the matching limited 2 cup holder

looks PHAT!!