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91 xplorer project

i got this one to replace my 92 i had to sell.this is a 91 x 4x4 eddie bauer.it runs good and the 4x4 works.my plans are to put the 4" lift and my 8k lbs. smittybuilt winch i already have for it,build a set of custom bumpers ,put manual hubs on it,run 15x10 m/t classics with 33x12.5-15 baja claws or mtz's,2" body lift,lockers f/r with 4:88 gears,install a cb and a radio,then go have fun with it.
btw i only paid $500 for it and all i had to do was put a starter on and wash it.i did take it today to check out if 4x4 worked,it does got alittle mud on it.

my name is troy tuten and i live in middleburg,florida,email is speedfreaksnfla@live.com if anyone in the area wants to go wheelin just let me know,or if you just need help working on your x.

anyways heres some pics.





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nice eddie

thank you.sad thing is the interior is nowhere near as nice as the outside.but i plan on changing all that so it really dont matter.

started on my winch bumper today.using stock bumper bracket and welding thw carrier mount to them.i am also going to box and gusset them so they are nice and strong.what do ya'll think so far?

here i am starting to weld it on



here is some reinforcements i done,needs alittle more work on this side,then on to the next.


if all goes well the winch will not block the rad opening and not restrick air flow that much.i will be adding to the plate to form a bumper and attachment points for my d-rings and hooks.i might build a stinger like thing to hold my hi-lift.and all other brackets i make and use for the bumper ends will be squaire tube.probably 2" maybe 3" want to look and see what i like.

here it is getting the winch set up on it.





and here it is with winch in operational condition.now i just gotta finish the rest ot the bumper and bracing.

next up the lift kit i have.a 4" superlift for a ranger.it'll get a soa in the rear.just waiting on shocks to do this.

here is a side shot to show how far it sticks out.approach angle is not too bad.but after looking at this pic i realize that i need some support off the front of it or it will just bend it up or down.so a 3" squaire tube bumper will be built to help support it and protect the front end.heres the pic....

i went and got some manual window doors today and a bench seat for the front,its now a six passenger.tomorrow i am going back to the same jy and pulling off the same x a d4 rear axle and front chunk.if i am not mistaken that is a 3:73 LS rear, correct?
whats really cool the doors are the same color my truck is...except the tan trim,new doors dont have the trim.