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911!!! 1995 Explorer Driver's Side Power Window Not Working


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May 9, 2005
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Greenville, NC
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1995 Explorer
My driver's side window is stuck in the "down" position. All the other windows are working fine. Could this be relay or fuse problem? If so, which fuse/relay should I check?


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Could be the power window motor or maybe its off the track.

Did you check the switch to see if it is ok?

Do all the other window operate from the driver's side controls or do you mean they go down from each individual switch at each door? If they don't go down at the driver's door control then it is likely a broken power lead going between the body and door... look inside the boot at the door post.

its either the master switch or motor. if it makes a clicking noise when you try to put it 'up' try tapping the motor like you would tap a starter

I'm having the same problem - driver window stuck in down position. No clicking when I try to put up. All other windows work fine from drivers control. Any way to tell if it's the one switch or the motor? I pulled the door panel off, and don't know what I'm looking at... can't see the motor. Any way to just manually roll it up and leave it in the up position?