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911: Pinion bearing preload dragging before preload is even set? 92 Ford 8.8


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October 11, 2004
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'92 Sport 4x4
I do have another thread on the 1991-1994 Modified forums, but now the problem is becoming a crisis! haha so if the mods want to delete this one, i understand.

Ok i have pressed a new head bearing onto the pinion. I also put a new race in for the head pinion bearing.

Now, if i put the pinion in without the oil slinger, seal, flange and pinion nut, the pinion turns Fine, no extra effort at all. ~0inlbs

If i put all that stuff on, and hand tighten the nut the pinion still turns fine... ~0inlbs. But once i start turning the pinion nut with the ratchet (before i have to use a breaker bar or a impact to crush the sleeve) it starts getting stiff. Like around ~25inlbs.

Now i can turn the pinion nut for a good while and it will stay ~25inlbs before the crush sleeve crushes. But when the bearings to contact the races, the preload goes way up out of specification.

i dont get it? why is my pinion dragging so bad that i cant even set the preload?

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I would double check to make sure your races are in the houseing all the way. This would defentaly cause this problem. Make sure you lube the bearings also, this will help. Sounds to me like you have a race that is not in the houseing all the way or your bearing is not pressed on the pinion all the way, either or will cause this. Also check your splines on the pinion shaft where the yoke rides. If there is a bunch of crap i.e. green locktight that will defentaly cuase this.

Bc/National bearings are a good bearing btw. I have used them alot and find them good quality. Auto Zone I stay away from personaly.

Best of luck!!

thanks for the reply

turns out my problem had to do with the pinion seal. For one reason or another the dust sheild on the flange would drag along the inside of the pinion seal. Thus my ~25inlbs of extra drag

it was a brand new seal too...

stay away from 'Motor City' pinion seals at Advanced Auto.

speaking of national brand. I bought their seal from NAPA. It's heavy duty compared to what came with my install kit and the motor city. It also has a silicone ring around the seal contact area. the metal of it is actually twice as thick making it look much more durrable.

funniest thing though... That noise..(?) or the whole reason why i tore down my rear-end (again) is still there!! haha after all that work

Just wondering but how hard was it to change the gears? I wanna do this soon and am curious how hard it is.

What kinda noise are you getting?

JTX said:
Just wondering but how hard was it to change the gears? I wanna do this soon and am curious how hard it is.

They arrent hard... Time consuming, takes a lot of special tools and even more special research... here check out this thread. here's a write up on going gears. its half way down the thread


What kinda noise are you getting

constant, high-pitched whine. Kind of faint, Most prominent at 15mph. Goes up and down with speed.

i've already checked...
The tranny... Its brand new, never made any nosie. check fluid level and it was OK. flushed tranny anyway

The gears... unless Motive are just noisey. i went 430 miles without them making noise so i would imagin that its not nessisary the gears

it sounds like its actually comming from upfront
im guessing its a hub. They are new, but you never know. Wheel bearings usually dont sound like this... so im confused.

maybe a front u-joint, but all that stuff isnt turning (with enough stress) when not in 4x4?

your problem is most likely the rear pinion bearing. I had a 1991 eddie bauer did the same exact thing and thats what it was. get under the vehicle and grab the driveshaft and try to wiggle it. if it moves its ur pinion bearing

wow, old thread

actually this problem ended up the pilot bearing pressed into the flywheel, it had turned into shards of fine pits of metal. The input shaft for the tranny was riding along the tapered edge of the bearing which caused the whine noise.

LOL since this thread was brought up, I'd like to add that the "Motor City" brand just plain sux!