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911- Won't start. Turns over and kicks for a second then dies


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August 2, 2001
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98 X. This morning I pulled into a gas station. I filled up. I went to start it again and it won't start. It turns over fine and starts to start and then dies immediately. It's like maybe the choke is not turning off. I left it there and caught a ride home. Of course it's Sunday so no dealer will be open.

Any help in diagnosing the problem would be great.

It's not the starter and it has spark so it's fuel or air. I don't think it was bad fuel as no other cars were having a problem at this gas station.


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i am having a similar problem. i filled up with fuel and it started, then sputtered, then died. it has been dead since. i replaced plugs, plug wires, fuel filter, fuel pump, fuel pump relay, and nothing. in your case i would check fuel pump, they have a tendancy to die after filling up for some reason. hope this helps, and if you know of a place to get injectors for a 91 X (on the cheap - college student budget) that would be sweet.


check your gas cap, its a VERY common problem

Ok I drove back to the gas station 20 miles away and I was able to get the X started and drove it home. I tried to start it and it turned over and wouldn't start at all. I tried this about 5 times. On about the 6th time it started perfectly like nothing was ever wrong with it. I did remove the gas cap while I was there and put it back on. The gas cap was clicked on just fine so I don't think that had any effect.

It's kind of like the fuel pump suddenly decided to start to pump and boom it started. I also restarted the truck at home and it started fine multiple times. So now I'm worried that this will happen again suddenly. I also gave it a bunch of throttle trying to see if maybe it wasn't getting enough gas but the truck reacted just fine.

Possibilities? IAC valve? Fuel pump relay? Fuel pump? Gas cap issue? Throttle position sensor? Electrical issue?

I really hate iffy problems that might leave me stranded somewhere.


I'd look at the relays first. When the pump dies, it usually dies for good. Intermittent problem more likely related to the relay.

Ok I'm probably way off here but try pressing the fuel cut off switch to reset it after the vehicle has has any major jolt the fuel pump shuts off to prevent a fire leading to explosion. It may not do anything but it may be worth a shot?