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92 A4ld Need Help !


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April 7, 2003
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Virginia beach VA
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2003 limited 4.6 V8
just installed my freshley rebuilt A4LD Parts replaced all servos, bands, seals gaskets , clutches and steels torque converter and modulator valve , i still have one problem i had before not as bad now but when tranny is cold it will shift from 1st as tranny warms up then it starts shifting from 2nd from a stop if i shut it off wait a few min it will shift from 1st again till it warms back up then when i stop and restart it starts from 2nd goes to 3rd then OD i noticed when coasting to a stop the tranny isnt downshifting back to 1st when warm , i can manually shift into 1st , i did remove the govenor and cleaned it up but do i need to replace it ??? can that be MY problem , i did check the spools in the VB they where all free i did a reading on the 3-4 solenoids they where good any thoughts THX !!!

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sounds like your kickdown cable is out of adjustment. somewhere on this forum, it tells how to adjust it. or maybe a Haynes manual gives details.

the only other things that I can think of would be band adjustment or improper torque on the valve body. intermediate band adjustment would be easiest to check before pulling the pan.

first, I would adjust the kickdown cable and try it.....


ill try to look at the kick down cable the problem im having EXISTED before the rebuild the shifter cable and kick cable where both out of adjustment i did readjust so only when the pedal is on the floor it would pull on the kick lever i do know when normal driving the kick isnt being activated unless the pedal is on the floor and i did adjust the bands according to the rebuild diary posted here i also MUST say the the reported speed is 10 MPH faster than im going i need to change the speedo gear would htat affect anything i did a search for kickdown cable adjustment cannot find it thx

The VSS would only affect overdrive on this transmission.

i just have concerns why it wont drop back to 1st when at a light and starts off in 2nd after its warmed after its shut off it works fine again till the next stop up otherwise it works very smoothly when its working TONZ BETTER like new . i know the kick was adjusted properlyits only activated when pedal is on the floor , tested it when the acess cover was off on tranny hump

The ATSG manual points to several possible causes for the trans starting in 2nd or 3rd.

1-Improper band and /or clutch application, or oil pressure control system.
2-Damaged or worn governor.
3-Valve body loose.
4-Dirty or sticking valve body.
5-Cross leaks between valve body and case mating surface.

Did you check to make sure the valve body isn't warped, there is a thicker VB gasket available to help with that issue.

Other than that I don't know.


1 time when i was stopped at a red light i felt the tranny downshift and a thump back to first , i did have issues with the govenor when it was removed AND this was a PRE-rebuild problem i only cleaned up the govenor ill start with replacing the govenor that be4 removing the pan once again

Did you get this figured out. I have having the exact same problem with my freshly rebuilt tranny.