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92 and 96 4.0 differences?


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December 7, 2008
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Pennsville, NJ
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1996 XLT
my 96 4.0 finally took a dump on me but i found a 92 4.0, i was wondering if i could use the 92 in my 96, obviously the accessories and intake manifold would need to be swapped, but would it bolt to the tranny and such? thanks guys!

Keep in mind you are going between OBDI and OBDII, but at least they are both the OHV engines. Try searching the forum. I'm sure OBDI to OBDII swaps have been discussed.

you'll need the lower intake also-plus the exhaust manifolds for the egr

You will also need to swap over the cam sensor and get it timed in good. 92 has no wired in sensor.

Is there a flywheel difference? I know the trans bolt pattern is good to go.

We just swapped a 96 into a 92 and I think it may work for you.

thanks guys! but i found one out of a 96 with a lot less miles and about the same price! only problem is were having trouble keeping it running :(