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92 EB A/V System :D


I'll have another...
March 1, 2009
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City, State
Monroe, MI
Year, Model & Trim Level
2006 XLT
Audio/Video: (Currently)
-Sony CDX-GT720 Headunit w/ HD Tuner
-4 High Power Silk Tweeters (One per door)
-2 Three-Way Sony front door speakers
(Rear doors are still stock besides tweeters)
-2 15" Kicker L7 Subs in a ported box
-Hifonics Brutus Amp, pushing 3600 watts
-Kinetic High Power Audio Battery (Equal to 100-1 Farad caps)
-4 Gauge power wiring, two more 8 gauge sets ran for door speaker amps, I just gotta get the amps lol.
-And a 12" Flipdown monitor for the backseat

Ill get more pics as soon as I get to the car wash, she's pretty filthy right now ;p

I have a billet grill, and I have some stuff I still wanna do to it soon,
-Tint the taillights
-Make custom Halo headlights w/ an HID conversion
-Get the clear front turn lens'es
-Tint the windows
-Get another set of 5x7's for the backdoors
-Get a new paintjob, and fix the rust
-Replace the rockers
-A whole new exhaust
(thats just for now)









(Extra wiring for 2 more amps)




I want to learn how to fiberglass, and im gonna do my own box that takes up the whole back, and it'l look really nice haha

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I would cut all those tied up power cables...the shorter the length the less resistance...that means MORE POWER to the amplifier and better system efficiency.

If you don't mind sparing some cargo area those subs could wang MUCH harder.

yeah i have an interview tomorrow for a job, so hopefully i can get real serious in the next few weeks, and yeah i know that lol thats a downfall of having an explorer haha

but i mean i do have the battery right there, so that helps ALOT

Cut dem wires down....nice setup tho. Thinnk about trying to mount them tweeters in the door

yeah theyre not the best tweeters in the world, so i didnt do them how i wanted, plus i dont have the right size hole saw for my drill, those wires that are under the seat are ran for 2 extra amps whenever i decide to get a 4 channel amp for the speakers, and of course ill cut them down, ill probably run them from the back battery anyways;

my back hatch handles about to fall off lmao