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92 EB Ex build.

Have you checked the function of your heater control valve?

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Have you checked the function of your heater control valve?
My 92 doesn't have one. I searched and came up with that a few times, but those came out in 94 I believe.

Update on the heater issue, so when I replaced the hvac controls I broke the plastic retaining clips that keep the tension on the cables. I tried to epoxy them into place but I found out that was not working. I took the hvac module out and found the cables just hanging there in place. So my new issue is trying to find a way to hopefully place the plastic keepers. I've tried searching but no dice, anybody have suggestions that work? I feel like this issue has come up before.

Pic for reference

View attachment 165111


Possibly boneyard?

Nice build. I bought my first Explorer when I was stationed at Bragg in 2010. Unfortunately, I wasn’t on the cool side of the base and had to deal with the ignorance of the other.

I took possession of my friends Explorer in early January and like you said, it needs a manual transmission swap, but that’s for later down the road.

Got my leveling springs in, now just waiting till Friday for the installation. I'll be sure to get some pics for yall.

Also went ahead and ordering an entirely new rear brake setup, shoes, drums, hardware, cylinder. I popped the shoes off last week and everything is rusted and frozen, it's almost a safety hazard

Can I get a part number for the leveling springs?