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'92 EB Rusted Rocker / Dogleg

I'm replacing the rusted dogleg and a section of the rocker up to the front of the rear door on my '92 4 door Eddie Bauer. When you remove the outer rocker, there is an inner panel called the inner rocker reinforcement inside the outer rocker. Is this panel welded to the outer rocker or the inner panel that attaches to the lip of the floor? Do you need to replace the inner rocker reinforcement or can you attach the outer rocker directly to the innerboard panel?

all depends on how bad is the inner reinforcement. I've got the same issue on my 92 EB but in this case I'm gonna cut the whole thing out and weld a piece of square tubing to form a rocker... and rock protection as well.

You can probably just weld the outer piece without touching the inside. Clean and protect the inside though to stop cancer penetration. :thumbsup:

They are all welded together.

Like Dre said there is no way to tell if it needs to be replaced till you can look at it.
Patching is always an option if ya dont want to buy the inner rocker. Above all make sure there is ZERO rust remaining.

I was thinking of fastening the new panels with a urethane structural adhesive, like Duramix 4179 Large Panel Adhesive to reduce chances of rust which can be introduced by welding. Any opinions about using the adhesive?

I am not a believer in Dura-Mix in that application.
I use Dura-Mix on quarter pannel wheel houses and door skins, but any thing structural I weld. That is just the way I do it, I am sure some will argue that Dura-Mix is just as strong, but I am not sold on it.

Some good zinc weld-through primer well be a great aid in fighting weld related rust.