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92 EB stock radio wiring


May 13, 2004
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Hampton Bays, NY
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92 Eddie Bauer Ed. 4-Dr
Is there some type of module in between the line from the speakers to the radio. meaning, something that would mut the radio or reset the volume level if the car were turned off, something like that.

I ask because im tryin to install a deck in place of the stock and im not able to get any sound out of any speaker. I tested the radio on an old speaker and it works while hooked up to the power harness in the truck, but none of the speaker wires (theres 4+ 4-) work in any combination. I know the speakers worked when i uninstalled the stock. I know there is a 'mute' wire in the stock harness, which i've never heard of, so only thing i could think of is that that mute wire has to be connected or some electronic module ripped out of the line to get it to work. Something that might mute the radio if the gas were low or something like that in the stock setup.

any ideas? also, whats this orange wire for cus its a mystery to me, and if someone knows and can explain the 'mute' wire (blue) to me i'd appreciate it. Thanks.

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Ok reason for no sound would probably be the amp when u disconected the factory radio was there a square plug that didnt plug into your new radio?

Organge wire is for the dimmer that connects to the headlight switch so you can dim the radio with your display, but isnt really used in after market HU's
The blue wire is on the factory harness? cause usuall the blue wire is for the amp I do belive and some one correct me if Im wrong.

Im not a pro I have only installed 3 radios in my 94 x and I ran all new 16g wires to the doors to bypass the amp for better sound, Yes there is easier ways to do this(amp bypass harness) but I decided to up the guaging from 22 to 16.

hope this helps and like I said someone will correct me if im wrong, good luck.

Yeah...if you had premium sound stock, there are factory amps located in the rear cargo area on the passenger side. You would be best to get a bypass kit....

ok wait a second, the square plug that plugged into the back of the stock radio, these WERE the speaker wires correct? I dunno if it was premium sound it was just a am fm radio, no casette or cd.

yes there is a solid blue wire in the rectangular plug (harness).

so is there a way to not have to do all the rewiring to bypass the amps and instead use them with my new deck? If the blue wire is the amp power then i can hook this up to the accessory + wire on my deck and thats it?


Wait a sec...you had NO cassette or cd???

Ok the plug that powers the unit has about 6 places for wires, and is gray....it looks like an "L" from the side......

The other plug, was it similar in looks, retaining that L shape, but with 8 wires, and colored black?


Was the second plug a square much, much, smaller plug?

ok, just connect the blue wire to where you were saying and it will work fine. You may gfet some feedback and such, because yer sending power to the amp, but i dont htink you will notice it. The blue wire is the remote wire for the amp, thats why you arent gettin any sound. Hope this helps, tell us if it worked.