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92 ex


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October 17, 2006
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92 x'sploda
ok hey everybody i havent posted in a while been a little busy with babies and work.But,here is my 92 2wd ex 4.0 dohc...no its not 4x4.blue interior white exterior.I bought it for real cheap.had a locked passenger brake caliper,bad blower motor and windows wont go down.rear bumpr is moved 6 inches to the left.but no dents and no radio (ripped out), bad temp and gas guage probley a fuse.I think it was a repo...but all i need to fix now is the window motor's,and guage but it only has 86,000 and not leaks.It shows 56,000 on the title and i asked the dmv to pull up the last two owners and it conceers.I think im'a black it out alittle more.i'll get a motor shot tomarrow.it cleaned up real quick with a little purple stuff.im thinking of doing just like what i did to the bronco II 2000 ex tear drop belinered rims 33's and instead of a 3 in bl,ill do 2 in skyjacker coils and warrior shackels.i might stick the f150 coil retainer in there and get another inch but it'll cut it close on the radius arms.and add some frame welded step up's for sliders. ok here is the first dreamer pic...

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if it a 92 it has a ohv engine,why make an offroad project w/ a 2wd?

ok so i flushed the radiator and changed the t-stat.and heater hose's.Then i rfound a small powersteering leak.so i changed the hoes'es for some nice braided stainless steelies. the resevior had a chip near the fitting so i pulled the torch out and a old model truck axle and melted it down.it actually filled in quiet nicely i smothed it out wih a quater.Oil change and grease all the fitting including ball joints.i for got the needle that i needed to fill the ball joint so i had to mke a nother trip to the advance auto.so for the babel here are a couple more pic's...



next a radio and bedlined cargo...

lookin good man! i personally would love to have a white Explorer, something about a white truck/suv/car just looks a lot cleaner when taken care of

do you always ask senseless question's to start conversation?umm...lets see, because i can...



Thanks blacksheep

sorry not trying to be an ass,just saying you have a big disadvantage offroad with 2wd

ok that is fine did you see the last set of pics?i

blacksheep here is a pic of the wify's 04 40th anniversy stang.

sorry not trying to be an ass,just saying you have a big disadvantage offroad with 2wd

this really all depends on what he's going to do. for offroading, yeah, he won't have the same grip as a 4x4, but for looks it's all the same. maybe just a fun car to drive, i know of someone with a tahoe 2wd, lifted with huge tires on it, because it's a show truck and also used for business. no need for a 4x4

ok that is fine did you see the last set of pics?i

blacksheep here is a pic of the wify's 04 40th anniversy stang.

yeah man, the mid nineties early 00's are my favorite style, just like the one picture. i think these have the perfect looks, sleek and stylish. the new style just looks retarded, way to short looking, like it should be longer, but it was crunched together

I totally agree we sold her 98 when i got my ol b2 and got this after the b2, but i really wanted a 5.0 fox body but i have to many projects.Thank god they are all paid for.The stang's paint and new decals was done in november of 07 after i had a overspay accident..hahaha

Not alot has changed just a new water pump and heater hose's Tuesday.I finnally got around to painting that ugl o'so faded black faded corner that evey x get's with factory paint.
I scubbed it with a brillo pad and hit it with some bedliner spray.6 coat each.then 5 miniets later....2 coats of clear coat.Hope you likey.

The picture doesnt dp justice it looks saweet....to me.

Now my question to you is...is there a fuse for the water pump and gas gauge?

Surprisingly enuff both are not working and they are right beside each other.I tihkn the have to be powered of the same fuse.

not a bunch of up dates just a accident...

I did buy the 32x11.5 peerless widetrack baja a/t a while back.Fit perfect no lift,and no rubbing.It took a while for me to install them as my bead breaker bent in half hahaha....I did mounted them on my stock rims since i like the tires tucked in side.so far they only stick out a 1.5 at 35 psi...

i think i will stay at this height, untill i covert it over to 4wd.Hey the second and last baby boy is due the 27th.10 days!!!!Im interested to see how many mile's to a tank i will loose...update when i find out.Right now we are preparing for the soon to be hurricane fay.

Here in two weeks im sapose to buy a brush guard and lights, and a secret of sorts off my buddy Mike.So im just tuggin away at the beast.Hey mike move back here soon, i have no one to wheel with.

so i did a little nasty trip today, around 180 mile's in stormy gusty weather the truck did good.i felt a little bump steer.But the X stuck real good to the pavement, i had hella gripIt just felt raw.I did loose an average of 3 miles a gallon(back to where i started at 16mpg) so have to find more ways to pull that mpg up.So here shortly i will pick up a steering stabilizer and gears.

Have a question, since i put 32x11's on the X with no lift should I get a 1 or 2inch exteded pitman arm?Would that/combined with a steering stablizer smooth it out.

I have put a steering stabilizer on every Xploder and bronco II ive own, so that is a givin.

Im also considering upgrading my rear axle ahead before i convert. Im think 4.10's with a auburn elec. locker i love the look of the Riddler rear diff cover.But, if i could only find a second gen X with 4.10's and rear disk brake's id be happy...installing a locker and cover.

dont be afraid to post idea's....?

i'm not positive about the gear ratio, but that sounds right.

i reverted back to my old cross multiplying method for figuring out ratios. if my memory serves me correct most of the first generations have 3.73 gearing and 29" stock tires. so if you go up to 31 the perfect ratio would be 3.98, and 4.10 is very close. so with 4.10's you should be good.

yeah i went with 32x11's, it does ride pretty dang good and articulate nicely.It as kind of a emergency but we had the baby thursday, baby boy 9lbs and 2 1/2 oz.Him and the wify pull'ed threw all right we came home today.