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92 exp 4x4 issues


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September 25, 2009
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Pomeroy, ohio
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1992 explorer
i have a 92 explorer, 5spd...the problem im having is when i first got it the 4x4 high light would come on and 4low wouldnt...i dont think the hubs are engaging just the lights coming on and the shift motor is working.....well now i got the shift motor to go to 4low the light comes on and can hear a clunking noise...when the 4 low light is on the truck pulls like its in for low...real low geared...i still dont think the hubs are engaging, but now i have the truck stuck with the 4 low light on and the truck will run in 5th gear at 3k rpms going like 25mph and i cant get it to go out of 4wd...any idead and where to start to get the hubs to work?? thanks...this site has been a big help with some other issues ive had