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92 exp a4ld help please advice no drive


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April 7, 2003
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Virginia beach VA
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2003 limited 4.6 V8
i have read alot of posts about this issue but couldnt find an answer

i rebuilt this tranny 4 years ago cuz of a blown front seal and the OD drum springs trashed .... today my GF was driving to work and was driving and she said before tranny died it was starting to slip then stopped at a light and hit gas the engine just reved no drive . i drove to where she was in road intersection ... fluid was full and pink . i dropped the shifter to 2nd goes in no slipping , same for drive and reverse , but when u put shifter in od position slips real bad same for.1st. shes had an issue for a year now with a shift prob 2nd to 3rd delay with an engine rev. i never rebuilt the valve body when i rebuilt the tranny 4 years ago i just cleaned it and replaced the gaskets .I'm thinking valve body rebuild any advice to maybe direct me thx

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I had one that did a similar thing. the detent cable had jumped off the trans lever on the side of the tranny.

Do u mean the TV cable.? I looked at it under dash I thought it looked loose .. thx I'll check it

Update.. . The TV cable is hooked and adjusted .vac line to modulator good no oil leaking. However. If OD .. is selected. Won't move u can hear the planetary freewheeling like no band or clutchpak is applying. Reverse is good 2nd is good 1st and drive same issue as OD.. if u place shifter in 2nd then back to 1st. Drive and 1st will work but no OD. Plantetary freewheels. .. can this be valve body or internal to tranny like a band or clutchpack not applying.. thx

gf told me for the past week. There was a delay from .park to drive. Sometimes. Hitting gas. To get it into gear the .other day. It just wouldnt move at a stop sign. Had it towed... so...... no drive and 1st any. Help would be appreciated plz

..::: ran it again today .. apparently D,2,1,and R are working and pulling , then shifter is in (D) it grabs but truck wont move slipping due to low pressue in that selection , what clutches and bands apply in that selection , im gonna rebuild the valve body and replace the govenor..