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92 explorer 2 door stereo - amp or no?

That amp only produces 45 watts x 1 @ 4ohms. And the 4ch amp is also 45w x 4 @ 4ohms. Tho it is crossed over to something like 145hz I think. Not an extreamly powerful setup but with the right components it can sound pretty good. You can add a quality head unit, run only the high outputs. And replace the speakers with quality 4x6's and it will make your ears ring. But thats about the capacity of the wiring that comes in the rig.

i have the cheap sony head unit, and i have a 15" Kicker L5 Hooked Up To The Factory Subwoofer Amp, And Its Rediculous, The Clear Panels On The Door Lights Fell Off In The First 45 Minutes That I Had It Hooked Up. Im Not Sure If Its Just The Pure Displacement Of Such A Large Speaker Or If Its The Power Of The Factory Amp, Either Way I Saved Myself Alot Of Money Already Just Because Of How Well This Turned Out, Only Down Side Is I Cant Really Control The Sub Other Than With The Low Frequency, Which Means I Cant Just Push The Speakers With Bass, The Sub Just Stomps, My Mom Just Came Out And Yelled At Me While I Was Sittin There Smokin A J In The Drive Way Cause The Sub Woke Her Up.