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'92 Explorer 4x4 question


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June 23, 2006
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1992 Ford Explorer 4.0
I have a 1992 Ford Explorer EB. I have 119,000 miles on it. Recently my 4x4 stopped working. I used it a month ago with no problems. Now when I try to engage my four wheel drive I can hear it trying to engage it clicks like 2-3 times but the push button light never comes on or blinks. Also the indicator lights on the dash are not working either. I need real help. Only thing that I had to do differently since I last used it was I discconnected the battery to replace my heater control panel.

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do a search for shift motors. Most likely yours need to be cleaned. It's a simple and quick fix, there is lots of info on here about them.

Before going to a lot of trouble, try the push button several more times when you can, on loose terrain. Sometimes if the 4x4 isn't used for more than a few weeks, the shift motor needs a little coaxing to engage the 4WD. The indicator lights, if you're referring to the ones for the 4x4 and low range ones, won't come on unless 4x4 and/or low range is engaged. Cleaning the shift motor would probably make for faster engagement, though.

I did the shift motor rebuild and it worked GREAT for me. When you get to this thread it will seem overwhelming but just follow the steps and you should be done in 2-3 hours. Its really not hard, just tedious and the results are amazing. Its probably a bushing that you'll find to be the culprit and when you get inside there it will prob. be laying in peices. Just stick a small hose over the pin and cut it off. Just about everyone does it. If you don't know what I am talking about just read the thread and it will make perfect sense, I promise. Good Luck!


mine was acting the same way used it one week the next week it was gone rebuilt the shift motor over the weekend using the thread posted above and viola 4x4 again