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92 explorer A4LD Problem ratteling under load


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April 7, 2003
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Virginia beach VA
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2003 limited 4.6 V8
hey there , i rebuilt my a4ld 2 years ago in my 92 expo ( all bearings , clutches , steels , bands , TQ , replaced the OD clutch piston seals and all springs there wasnt any in there .) whats going on is when you hit the gas or just start driving , theres a weird rattle like sound or screech almost like a u joint going bad sound comming from tranny and shaking like the tranny is slipping , after i rebuilt it 2 years ago i never retightened the bands , only when tranny is under load if i held the brake and hit the gas theres no noise unless the parts rotate , i did check the u joints there good no movement. i thought there was a little slippage in 1st gear for a while , it shifts fine otherwise reverse is ok , just that screech rattle noise when taking off and driving with more load more noise ,, any Sugesstions PLEASE !!!! thank you