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92 Explorer Automatic to Manual Transmission Swap


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June 27, 2014
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1992 Ford Explorer
Hey guys, my names Jake and I'm new to the forum. I'm 16 and my first car is a 1992 Ford Explorer. I'm curious on what it would take to swap transmissions? It is currently an automatic transmission with automatic 4X4. If I can find a manual transmission at a Pick N Pull or Junkyard I would like to make the swap. I'm sure someone has done this before, I just need to know what needs to be changed and added. Is the drive line and transfer case interchangeable? Is it a bolt on swap?
Here is a picture of her:
http://i1375.photobucket.com/albums/ag471/JakeBoucher/Mobile Uploads/20140630_184529_zpsdbd8c1aa.jpg
It's a clean explorer, we have owned it since I was born. It has Micky Thompson Wheels and General AT tires. They are stock height but a little wider. 2 inch lift, cherry bomb muffler, orange pinstripe, couple other little things.

Thanks Jake

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If i remember correctly you have to go and change out anything that deals with electronics going to and from the tranny, with knowledge it wouldn't be too hard. but it also includes tearing a lot of wiring and parts apart just to get it in then there will be a lot of testing after its in to make sure its working just right. I have always wanted to take on a project like this but it takes a lot of time, knowledge and money to complete. Do it if you can because it creates a great story.

I just found a 93 manual 5spd. $700 for the complete running truck with no major problems. I can switch everything over if I have too. I think I will go for it.

Didn't buy the 93. My main concern about swapping is the drive line and rear end gears. Does anybody know if I need a different drive line or different rear end gears?

A quick search will give you the answers, it has been covered many times..but ill quickly sum it up, im not 100% sure on all items for 4x4 swap tho.
pedal assembly
Floor plate
clutch master, slave and lines
starter (not 100% but pretty sure)
Think the auto transfer case can be re-used
front and rear drive shafts (again not 100% sure but pretty)
And if you wanna get fancy, your need the dash gauges and steering column

Should have bought the 93.would have made the swap way easier, plus you could have save or parted out the rest.hell scrapping the rest would have almost paid for the truck..

I agree I should have bought it. I'm going to see if he still has it and buy it.

transfer case gears and driveshafts are the same- you only have to change the ecu if you are going to different years of truck- you will need the wiring harness for the tranny you are putting in. The floor plate will need changed or cut-- you will have to mount the reservoir and the master clutch cylinder - (I would change the clutch slave too but not required)

you can remove the pedal and install a new one without removing the whole pedal assy. it save allot of time.

You don't need to change the steering column, just remove the column shifter (it's easy). I didn't have to change the ecu on my 91. I got a 5 spd from a 93 Ranger. You will need the flywheel, floor pan, slave cylinder and reservoir. You can lie to your ecu for the nuetral safety switch by jumping 2 wires under the dash, but reverse lights will take some rewiring. You will need the manual trans wiring harness as well. It can be done in a weekend easy. There is a link on here somewhere with tons of pics and makes it soooo easy. I think it was by a guy who calls himself 94fourdoor or close to that. I will look for the link. Good luck.

I have the pedal assembly I would let go from my parts truck, pm me if interested.