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92 explorer...loadin up on fuel


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September 25, 2009
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Pomeroy, ohio
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1992 explorer
i got a 92 exp 4.0L 5spd, started here recently...when i go to turn the truck off it will sit the and chug and wont die, if i turn the key back to the run posistion it will back fire and start back up, i have to almost always dump the clutch to turn it off, smells like gas real bad when it does this and i have noticed the intake tube runs kinda warm (it is a aftermarket intake)..any suggestions??? map sensor? catilytic converters clogged?? no check engine light showing..

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It sounds like the timing's off. What your describing has always been known to me as dieseling. The downside is that I don't know how to set the timing on a distributerless ignition system, so I can't help you there...sorry.

Check your vacuum connections at the vacuum trees, and then trace all the hoses. I know exactly what you mean. While mine hasn't done it on it's own, the first time I seafoamed my engine I had a vacuum hose off that I was using to put the treatment through, and when I turned the key off the engine did turn off. It wasn't until I plugged the hose with my finger the engine would die.

So I suggest checking vacuum hoses for leaks, loose connections, or a connection that is just plain open. You might have had a cap on the tree come off.

I just learned something new from this site again. I didn't know that a vacuum leak could cause dieseling, for me it's always been a timing issue.

ok...i will check some lines tomorrow...i was driving one day came home and parked and thats when it started...i turned the key off and it kept chuggin and backfired...it blew a small fuse in the engine compartment..i replaced it and it still wouldnt start..roll over but was like it wasnt gettin any spark...i tried a coil pack off a 97 exp (same part #s) and still didnt help...put my coil pack back on and it started up...now i have this chugin problem when i go to turn it off....i have also noticed it has also lost alot of power, on the highway goin up a slope i have to downshift to 4th to pull the hill...dont know where to start looking for all these little bugs....i guess the vaccum lines will be the easiest to start with....thanks again

Heard about this problem on a chevy forum I used to go on. Yea, I know I know... Anyways. The guy had a exhaust leak which caused the o2 sensor to dump more fuel which caused a rich mixture. The extra fuel caused massive carbon build up which caused predetination which eventually lead to the problem you are describing.

I would look into a rich mix type problem. Hit it with a can of seafoam. How to in the link in my signature.

U may have hit the nail on the head there..it does have a leak in the exhaust..it has a piece of flex pipe running off the left side manifold over to where it y's in with the right side right before the cats and it does leak and has came off a couple of times

I was reading a thread somewhere saying somethin bout the fuel pressure reg. And checkin to see if any gas was in the vaccum lines..anyone know bout this or what to look for here..i did get the exhaust fixed