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92 explorer radio and trailer light problem


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June 24, 2010
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amelia va
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92 xlt
I have a 92 explorer that the trailer wires got messed up when it got jacked knifed now the radio does not play but appears to work and my trailer lights don't work and all of the fuses are good.Is their a fusible link some where or a hidden fuse?My truck has a factory plug for the trailer plug like a 7 pin and has no power and I realy dont know how to troubles shot this.Thanks for any help

I would take a test light to every fuse you have just in case you missed one. touch the test light to the left and right side of the fuse. check the ones under the dash and the big ones under your hood. sometimes a fuse looks like it's not blown when it really is. the test light wont lie to you. hope this helps