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92 Explorer Sport Cut & Turn

I finally picked up good deal on 92 Sport 5spd, Im trying to stay super budget with it right now.

Currently stock.
Axle bought back from buddy for it, since it has 3.27 turds in it. I have disk brake rear 8.8 4.56 gears gunna get welded Diff, Front D35 4.56 gears with limited slip.
I have 33-10.50 Boggers gunna use on it for grabbing and throwing Rocks.
I started building a set of Jamesduff like longarms for it, but decided to save those parts for my Tuff truck and use my actuall James Duff longarms on this truck. The front I'm doing cut/turn raising the pivot point mount holes 3.5 inches. I have the Jig built for the passengerside beam and need to finish one for driverside. I purchased assortment of steel for plating the area thats cut, all is 3/16
I will upload photos as more progress is made.
Will be done and at SMORR Halloween weekend.

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Few photos of my new ride..






Nope, just took it out and did more offroading with it stock. I had camping trip planned took the Raptor to sand flats, but next 2 weekends are free and suppose to be wrenching on it.

Progress has been slow going!! But almost done with raising the rear, and this weekend gunna knock out the friend end, has to be ready to wheel in 2 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!




If all works out, as the body gets thrashed down the road, I still want to do a 2nd gen sport body swap and at that point drop in my V8 also. :)

Any progress on this build, I feel like there will be another 1st gen sport in my future, and this one brings back some memories.

I have the jig built for one side, but have not completed for the pumpkin side, i ended up running my duff drop brackets, that i thought were bent, but are not. I will be finishing some cut-turns later this winter thoe for my next tuff truck build, it will have cut-turns, I have all the metal ready just have to find time.