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`92 Explorer transmission problem


September 15, 2009
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`06 XLT
Hello all,
I hope I'm not a decade too late with this. I have a `92 Explorer XLT 4WD with about 128,000 miles on it. It's the 4.0L V6 of course and the A4LD transmission. Now for several years I've had the problem where the transmission has a delayed 1-2 shift when it's cold. From what I've read in the forums, it sounds like that's the governor. However, it was never really too annoying as after it shifted once life went on as normal so I've ignored it.
However, a new problem surfaced a few days ago. The transmission now wants to drop back into 1st out of 2nd for no good reason. It wants to stay in 1st with all it's heart. I have to tach it fairly high then let off the gas to get to 2nd. So I can get to 2nd, but at a fairly low RPM it drops back to 1st. Now 2nd gear itself appears to work fine. It's got plenty of power and I don't notice any slipping. The problem is the same whether in OD, D or manually placed in 2. Now once I'm in third; no problems at all. It shifts between 3-4 without issue. However, once I drop back down to 2 the problem continues. Pulling hills at low speeds is really a pain. It wants to stay in 1st the whole time unless I can get to 3rd.
I should say that it has been a few years since I replaced the fluid and filter (maybe 35,000 miles). I know the truck isn't worth anything but it's otherwise in such good shape that I'd feel terrible turning it into the scrap pile. Although my wife would love to get a new Explorer. Serves her right for marrying an engineer.
Any solid ideas to what this might be?


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Thank you for the reply. I have two questions:
1 - Where is the best place to get a new governor? Dealer?
2 - Can you point me to the procedure for band adjustment.

Thank you,

Okay so the local Ford dealer happened to have the governor. I'm not sure if it's the whole thing or just the housing. I'll find out tomorrow. And I did manage to find the thread which contained the band adjustment specifications. However, that leaves one final question. My Explorer is a 92. So, how do I determine if I've got the double-wrap or single-wrap OD band?


Band broken

So I dropped the pan this morning. One of the bands is broken. The end of the band and the adjuster were sitting in the bottom of the pan.

Hello ... kidney foundation? :) My wife is excited. The vehicle just isn't worth the effort at this point.

Thanks for your help,

Which band is closest to the rear? That's the one that broke. I can see the end of the band up there. And what's involved in the replacement.


The band near the bell housing is the overdrive band, and the middle one is the intermediate band. The band at the very rear is the low/reverse band. This band doesn't break as easily as the other two.

Are all three adjustable. I only noticed two adjusters looking at the case from the outside. Sounds like from your description the intermediate band is what broke.


All right so it is the intermediate band. It looked to me like something that couldn't be done without taking everything apart, but then I've never rebuilt an automatic transmission before. I think I've rebuilt just about everything else.