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92 Explorer


April 23, 2008
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92 2dr sport 5speed stick
Hey everybody i have a 92 explorer 2dr sport and i was wondering if anyone knows if i found me a 4x4 ranger and took the transmission and front end out and put it in my explorer if it would work so it will turn it into a:exp: real 4x4? I want to lift it and put 33s or 35s under it Thanks Adam

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ok, is the al4d trans a stick or auto or the same thing cause i really love my 5speed for the power i get thanks

do you know what kinda stick will go in or do you know if my tail unit splines will bolt up to a transfer case to the 5speed i got in it now?

ok do you know if the stock 5speed will bolt up to a transfer case?

ok do you know any websites that i can go to and get good deals on tires rims ect

ok thank you i think thoes will help:thumbsup:

welcome aboard

Hey buddy thanks alot