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92 Going Through 3 starters?


June 21, 2009
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1993 XLT
I have a problem with a 92 Explorer XLT. I believe the starter was going out because for a few weeks, it had trouble starting. Then, one day, just clicked and didnt' start. So I get a replacement and this starter will spin, but not engage the truck. I took it back and got a second replacement. This starter seemed like the nose cone wasn't long enough, so after some additional replacement, I got the starter to work. It started the truck three times and when we took it to town, the starter again quit starting the truck. Any ideas what additional problems might be causing this? Thanks!

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Are you getting your starters from Auto Zone? If so, there's your problem.
AZ is OK for oil and filters and shop towels and such, but if you want something that lasts, go to a REAL auto parts store. You'll pay a few bucks more, but save yourself a ton of aggravation.

You may have an issue with internal battery cable corrosion. The 1st gen's are known for it. Everything will work, but the truck either won't start or will start intermittently. The corrosion is not usually visible from the outside. You need to do a resistance check on the cable to diagnose it. If the battery cable has more than a couple of ohms resistance, it's probably shot.

Hmm might be on to something. Early on, I tried to jump start the truck, but the jumper cables caused both of the battery cable connectors on both trucks to start melting.

No, the starters aren't from Auto Zone.

Battery cables seem to go bad almost half as often as starters. As DJraper said, check them out.

In addition, do a load test on your battery. Most auto parts stores will do it for free. Batteries tend to go bad more often than starters.

As far as starters go, quality is certainly a reflection of price.
99% of the time a starter will die on you while away from home. Cheap starters will die twice as often and try to kill your battery twice as fast.
Pay that extra cash for a good quality starter.