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92 ranger window visor on a 92 explorer?

October 23, 2011
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mandan, ND
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1992 ford explorer XLT
i recently picked up a lund window visor off of a 92 ranger and was wondering if it would fit, my explorer is not in town at the moment as it is in the shop getting the electrical system worked through, it had a short somewhere and nothing electrical would work, no bad fuses or relays so didnt know the problem. would like to know on visor

Not sure, But from experience with trying to install one. I say it's NOT worth the trouble. Mine blew apart after an extended HW run at 80mph. In order to get it on good you have to drill holes on your roof & door pillars.

well i got a special kit from a local store and had one on my 76 ford, and had her at 90 with 20-30mph winds and it withstood, so im gonna do one with the special kit