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'92 Sport Build


May 7, 2011
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Joliet, Illinois
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'92 Explorer sport
Sooo.. i wanna build up my 92 sport. I am thinking a 3" BL and some bigger tires, new or new to me. I bought for $900 and have replaced battery, alternator and power steering pump and pressure line(which is still whining, help?!?). She needs some body work, but nothing major. Im also intrested in the SOA in the rear, along with a newer axle with bigger gears. 4x4 isnt working currently(need shift motor). I would like any and all input Thanks, I am open to all ideas!!!

I also have purchased rocker cover gaskets as they are currently leaking.

Welcome, before you do any mods you should decide where and how you are going to use your explorer off-road. The SOA will give you about 5-6 inches of lift in the rear only. You would need a lift kit to help the front out. You also mentioned a newer axle and gears, which you could do a solid axle swap. My advice would be to fix the shift motor get it in good running shape do the body lift or shackles and F-150 spacers just to fit bigger tires and start driving off-road. You would be surprised how well your explorer will do. When you learn how it handles off-road then I would suggest the lift or other mods. Everything becomes very addicting, and expensive!!