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'92 X 302 Swap and more...

Some new toys...

Hey Everyone!

Been a while since the last update but...it was worth the wait, for me at least. Got some new add-ons to the Ex so the wish list is getting smaller! Sorry but the installs don't include a Carbed 302 swap as the thread title might indicate.....that one will most likely be very last (if ever).

For now however, here's what's new:

-Front Bumper with hitch receiver
-Re-mount of the front dual shocks (was rubbing at full turn)
-Rear Bumper with swinging tire carrier

Special thanks for Derrek of Revenge-Fab out of Mt. Angel OR (yes he has a website) for this work, can't wait to get them all painted up and the winch gets installed next week! Enjoy the pics!


  • Finished Front Bumper 4.12.12.jpg
    Finished Front Bumper 4.12.12.jpg
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  • Rear Bumper Finished 4.12.12.jpg
    Rear Bumper Finished 4.12.12.jpg
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  • Sliders 4.12.12.jpg
    Sliders 4.12.12.jpg
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  • Unpainted Front Bumper 4.12.12.jpg
    Unpainted Front Bumper 4.12.12.jpg
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Fresh Paint!

Here she is with the bumpers painted and back on the road!


  • Front Bumper Finished 4.13.12.jpg
    Front Bumper Finished 4.13.12.jpg
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  • Rear Bumper Painted 4.13.12.jpg
    Rear Bumper Painted 4.13.12.jpg
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Winch Installed!

Got the winch all wired in yesterday. Note on the rear bumper we got it wired to the back as well :). You might also notice the paint that came off on the right side of the bumper. Once we put a tire (a 35x12.5 KM2 MT will be put on in a few weeks) on the mount we quickly realized that the bumper required a little more reinforcement from the inside to handle the weight of a 35 when we swung it open. So the heat from the re-welding removed some paint. We'll take it off and re-paint it within the next couple days. Overall i'm very happy with the way everything turned out.


  • New Winch 4.18.12.jpg
    New Winch 4.18.12.jpg
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  • Rear Tire Mount 4.18.12.jpg
    Rear Tire Mount 4.18.12.jpg
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Exterior Complete (almost)

Well...finally got the ol' gal shipped to my new home in South Carolina so I could really begin giving her some TLC. Minus the lights going on the front of the roof rack, I finally got everything completed on the outside that I've been working on. Next stop....interior


  • 2012-06-12 (PIC 1).jpg
    2012-06-12 (PIC 1).jpg
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  • 2012-06-12 (PIC 2).jpg
    2012-06-12 (PIC 2).jpg
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  • 2012-06-12 (PIC 3).jpg
    2012-06-12 (PIC 3).jpg
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Thanks...I'm happy with how it came together. Neverending project though I'm afraid. Not so sure 'bout the V8 swap anymore, I think I'm more likely to swap a built V6 in there whenever the current one goes belly up (it's running good for the time being, but is tiiiiiired)....but you never know. :)

Aux Light Installed, and working!

Hey Everyone,

Got the auxiliary lights I mounted to the front of the cargo rack working this weekend. Pretty easy install now that I look back on it. Here's a pic!


  • Cargo Rack Auxilary Lights.jpg
    Cargo Rack Auxilary Lights.jpg
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I know this is an old thread but what side tube did you use for the tire carrier?

I know this is an old thread but what side tube did you use for the tire carrier?

Hi There,

Did you mean "size" tube for the Tire Carrier?

since your still responding to this ancient thread. I have a few questions. Have you been happy with the 4.0l? Did that roof rack stand up to some abuse? Were the 4.88 gears right for the 35's?

Your questions

4.0L...for the most part yes. This thing is bomb proof....can't seem to kill it. I'd admit I'd like to get up to speed when on the pavement faster, but off road its great. My gear set up is perfect for the 35's IMO. Gets off the line just fine with the 1-3 tranny gears swappped from a 2.9L Ranger coupled with the 4.88 axle gears, but still has enough top end to get around on the highways. 5.13's would be too much for a rig that spends any substantial amount on the highway I think, but others may tell you different. Roof rack has been great, no issues. I've had a high-jack on one side and axe n shovel on the other. I also installed some off road lights on it. I reef on it pretty good sometimes getting in and out of the rig, and it's sturdy. one thing to mention about that though, my lund roof rack is actually intended for a Jeep Cherokee. I think my ex originally came from factory without it, but was decalled all up for a show room. So it has some identity issues (note the xls sport decal on the side, there is no such thing in 1st gen ex's). Not sure if that Jeep railing set up was better quality or not.

Yes, what size? Damn auto correct

2" I believe. Would recommend going bigger if I had to do it again. It's held up well enough, but it definately flexes when I hit a bump. Sorry it took me so long to respond.

Nice Build! 35s Look Good. May I suggest a throttle body swap as well as a MAF Housing. Nice little pick me up. I did a BBK T-Body and Used Aluminum MAF housing From a 4.6l Car. ( 96 Mark 8).