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92 X sport anti lock brakes

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July 6, 2012
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1992 Explorer Sport
I have a 92 sport that has rear ABS and the light is now on constantly. It needed brakes any way so I replaced master cylinder, front rotors, calipers and pads. Replaced the shoes on the rear even though they had 3/4 of lining left. Front now works great. Rear not so much. when I bled the system the front bled fine the rear didn't. The next thing to do will be to break the fittings loose one by one till I find the fluid. The worry is the ABS light. Is it possible for the abs unit to be blocking the fluid flow On my 93 I found the plug to get the maintenance code for the ABS system. Where is it on the 92. Lots of fun.


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November 3, 2013
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North Idaho
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1991 & 1994 Explorers
From what I've read, it usually means the rear differential sensor has gone tits up. Mine comes on when the car is cold but disappears when warm. No braking issues. Common problem for the early Explorers.


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November 6, 2000
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2018 EX Sport Concept
The ABS sensor for the 91-92's that had rear ABS only is in the top of the rear differential, and is fairly easy to replace. Get a new one, replace it, should fix the light.

The diagnostic plug for the ABS should be in the same place on a 92 as on a 93, however maybe if it's an early 92 they were somewhere else like a 91. Could just be the plug is buried under all the wiring harnesses and just isn't attached near the charcoal cannister like it should be.


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April 8, 2013
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Salem, Oregon
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'99 Explorer Sport
My diagnostic plug is right by the parking brake peddle, where all the wires come in through the firewall. It's a single Black/orange wire with a little plug on it.

To read the codes you turn the vehicle to the run position and ground that black/orange wire for a second or two, then the Rear ABS light should start spitting the codes.

Side note:
On mine the ABS light was constantly on as soon as I started the truck. I can bleed my rear brakes just fine. Then I tried to read the ABS codes and the only thing that would happen is the ABS light would get brighter, no matter what I did. So I'm pretty sure MY problem is with the ABS module. So I just removed it until I can get a new one. (If I get one. I don't really need the ABS anyways so it's not a big priority)