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92' XL sport 5-speed: Blow Transmission


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October 11, 2004
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Charlotte, NC
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'92 Sport 4x4
Dead Transmission... '92 5-Speed

176k on M5R1

i was driving down the highway like normal. I was pushing 3rd as i spead up the on-ramp to merge onto I-77. I shifted into 4th and ****grind*** i didnt even have to let the clutch all the way in, it was grinding like a dentist drill on your teeth.

Afterwards i couldnt shift at all; Stuck were it was at. If i let the clutch close with the tranny in gear it would just grind more. Well i was able to force the shifter into neutral but it didnt help, the tranny would grind with the shifer in neutral! When i got to a stop i tried playing with it, but it just keep stubbornly cocked to the left in the spot between first and second and made a sorta quiet whinding sound.

How much would you pay for a new M5R1? I've been quoted for $750 for a new one from a shop around charlotte, $575 for one off ebay.

Does anyone know where i can get a short throw and a shift kit for this tranny?

Is the newer Mazda 5-speed heavier duty then the '92 version?

i am considering like a 5-speed from a 02 or so, im not sure on which years had the HD version?