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92 XLT JBL Cassette to CD Swap


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April 23, 2010
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1992 XLT
I own a 4-door 92 XLT with the JBL premium sound cassette deck with the toggle volume control. (No sub but I can see the amp, a silver box, through the seatbelt opening on the passenger side.) I would like to replace it with an OEM CD player.

Through my research on this site and other places I beleive I have a 19B165 premium cassette player that should be a direct swap with a 18C815 premium CD player.

Does anyone have a photo of that CD player installed in a 92 Explorer? Would this eBay unit work?



CDR install in '92 Explorer

Yes, that radio will work. The same unit was used in Mustang and Explorer (Green lighting with clock function).



Thanks, Jeff.

I may buy one... I just found my old Sony Car Discman with a cassette adapter and it works perfectly with my premium cassete deck. (It's a year older than my Explorer.)

Another qucik question. My XLT does not have the subwoofer. I've seen several subwoofer / amplifier combos from Eddie Bauer edition's on eBay. Will they just plug & play? (I know I'd have to find the rear quarter panel trim to make it work.)

Thanks, again,


It could be done, but it would not be easy. You would need the BOTH amplifiers, the unique JBL amp with a line-out for the SW amp. AND the subwoofer amp, plus the SW enclosure itself. The door speakers were unique in the JBL system, with tweeters included in the 5.5"x7.5" enclosures. So, unless you got the JBL door speakers too, the EQ would be off. The addition of the sub would increase your Bass response, but, without the door enclosures, it may not sound as good as a factory-installed JBL system.