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92 xlt transmission leaking

January 15, 2010
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Denver, colorado
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1992 explorer
I have a 92 explorer xlt, and the transmission has been leaking. I keep refilling it with fluid, cause it doesnt leak a lot. I am guessing its the front main seal, but I want to MAKE SURE that it ABSOLUTELY COULDNT be anything else before I go drop the tranny. it drips from the bellhousing, but im not sure that thats where the leak originates, because fluid gets all over whenim driving. could it be anything else?

After i bought my '92 xlt last year i gave it a good going over. Tranny fluid was all over the bottom the transmission. The top of it was clean as far as i could tell so I replaced the pan gasket and that fixed 85% of the leak. It looks like it is still leaking out of where the shifter linkage enters the transmission. I can live with that though. I know you said bell housing, but the fluid does get blown around a lot under there so i thought i'd share. best of luck

Check the modulator valve as well. When I first got my '94 it was leaking from the bell housing. I replaced the bad modulator valve, and voila! It stopped leaking! Don't know what the connection was, but it did help.