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92 xlt won't move in fwd/rev


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April 2, 2006
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92 XLT
i have a 92 4x4 with an auto. I rebuilt the a4ld 1year ago. It was my second a4ld with all the updates. Was working great until a few days ago. I put into reverse and heard a thud. It felt like i was in neutral. When i went to put back into drive i could hear the tranny engage but when i gave it gas it would just rev with no apparent load on the motor. The truck holds in park and rolls in neutral. It will not move in d,1,2 or r. I checked similar threads and could not find anything as relevant as this issue. The shift linkage was good, z link, fluid, and smell. I did not check line pressures. The only thing i can think, is possibly the transfer case since it is next in line with power to the wheels. What is a quick way to check if it is bad or broke? Any ideas?

mine does something similar to that but once its hits about 1500 it engages and drives. you find out what it was yet ? good luck

you check the fluid level ?