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92 xplorer 4x4 build up


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October 12, 2009
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99 xlt 5.0 awd
'91 xplorer 4x4 build up

THIS HAS CHANGED...THE 92 WAS SOLD AND NOW HAVE A 91...all else that follows is what the 91' will go through,including the body trimming...

this is going to be a build up thread of my '92 x.it will be a slow progress.everything that i do to it will be posted and have pics.

i plan on lifting it between 5-7" and running 33-35" tires.the rims are eagle alloy 15x10's(have them now).i am still in the air about a sas but i know a soa it will get.also thinking about a 9" rear.

since i got it a little over a week ago this is what i have done to it.

1) fan clutch
2) warn manual hubs
3) belt
4)180 t-stat
5) 15x10 rims with street 275/60-15's...these will change soon to some type of M/T.

it had a new fuel pump,sending unit,injectors,ca bushings put on before i got it and the ac was replaced.

here it is when i got it...


here it is now..i had to remove the bumper because the right side was pushed in and rubbed the tire.


more as things happen.

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sounds like a plan to me i want a x like that but im stuck with a dern ranger ima keep an eye on this thread

lol Your the same as me :)

I'm doing 4" rough country with F150 coil spacers for about 5.25" of lift in the front and an SOA in the rear. Then either 33s or 35s, I haven't decided yet. I WAS thinking about doing SAS but it just seems pointless right now. I want a truck I can off-road in for a few years but I don't wanna rush into everything.

thanks everyone. mud4life,sounds like a good plan and looks good too.

i took it out yesterday and for it to have street tires it really impressed me.went places i did not think it had a chance.i have pics and i'll get them posted soon.

I know what you mean. When I had my street tires I was really surprised where I could go. Then I got mud-terrains and I was literally blown away.

I remember we got a huge rain storm and I was out at one of our mudding spots. The entire area, even just the flat sections before the real mud was all about a foot deep of just slime. I was following this Dodge Ram with street tires and he couldn't do anything. I just crawled by him, did a little side-hill and kept going on a trail without even slipping. Meanwhile he got stuck on a frigging knocked over telephone pole so I had to go back and pull him off that. Least I plastered his nice shiny truck with mud when I was pulling him out.

took it out again today. this thing impressed me some more,i did not get stuck at all,came close but it always pulled out.i even rescued a lifted xj.here are some pics...
really good flex to be stock




here i found a hole that swallowed my front tire..




and this was just a fun little v notch that got very muddy...

more to come later....

doing some bodywork...getting rid of rust and making more tire clearence.the bumper got cut to match the front bumper.




i still have alittle more cutting and finish work to do but it gives me almost 3" xtra clearence.

more to come

this is the cut that gave me about 3" of clearence......out lined in red.



its lookin supper sweet man keep'em commin

givin me ideas for the ranger

thank you.today i will start on the front fenders. i picked up a set of 33x12.5 bfg m/t's that are my test tires,they are just about shot so if the get hurt i dont care.anyways going to cut so more...later

got it cut up some more.hopefully i will have the 33's mounted by saturday.





thank you. i got some 33x12.5's m/t that will be going on these rime soon and it should really look sweet then.next is a 2" body lift.

well the 92' had to get sold back in nov 09...but i just bought a 91' x today.its all stock and its an eddie baurer.has a sunroof and in not to bad of condition.its going to fall in where i left off on the 92'.i have a winch and 4" lift waiting for it.will post pics of it tomorrow. and i only paid $500 for it.

i got the '91 home and put a starter in...nothing just a click...so i jumped it at the solinoid and it fired to lift.it runs really good and even has cold ac.so now do i take the new starter back and get a solenoid or keep the new one and buy a solenoid?
i drove it around the block and i have to do the throttlr cable mod,lots of slack.and the 4x4 does not work,no lights come on.i can here the thing in the back making noise but i dont hear the shift motor.

i unplugged the module in the storage compartment on the ds and turned the key on mashed the button and the light blinked 4 times.what does that mean?

that was my next thing.i rebuilt the one for the original x in this post..the '92. so now its this ones turn.and thank you for the reply.